Coronavirus infected Waste and municipal waste management

Coronavirus Infected Waste management

Covid-19 outbreak is one of the biggest medical concerns of the century, the whole world is suffering badly. Maximum countries are under lockdown. Social distancing is one of the best practices to avoid Covid-19 infection. The respective governments are suggesting for home quarantine to peoples who have recently traveled to other countries or having symptoms of Covid-19 infection. I am writing this article Coronavirus Infected Waste Management for awareness and to share my views regarding the disposal of Covid-19 infected waste.

The municipal waste management is one of the biggest challenges during these days, especially the waste which is being generated by the quarantine and isolated infected persons.  The quarantine and isolated persons are generating enough quantity of Covid-19 infected waste which gets mixed in municipal waste. This practice may spread the Covid-19 and infect the municipal workers and from them to others.

The effects of wrong management of Coronavirus Infected Waste

As Covid-19 is a novel virus, it can survive on different surfaces like plastic, wood, clothes and on waste material, etc. The exact life span of this deadly virus is not confirmed, research is going on, some virologists have suggested that it can survive up to 9 days at different surfaces and material. Whenever any infected and home quarantine person disposes of the Coronavirus infected waste with the municipal waste then the whole waste gets infected by Covid-19. This act may infect the municipal works along with their families.

Precaution to dispose of the Covid-19/Coronavirus Infected Waste

First of all the governments should implement a guideline for the disposal of the waste generated by the home quarantine and Covid-19  infected persons.

  •  Avoid mixing the Coronavirus Covid-19 infected waste and Municipal Solid Waste together
  • The coronavirus infected waste should be kept separate in a closed bag by hand knot.
  • Before hand over the waste to waste disposal agency the hand knot bag should be placed in another bag.
  • Quarantine and an infected person should not use disposable things like water bottles, glass & plate, etc.

World Health Organization has given the guidelines for the Water, sanitation, hygiene and waste management for COVID-19.

Best practice to dispose of the Covid-19/Coronavirus infected Waste

As far as I think, the coronavirus infected waste must be collected by the medical waste management agencies instead of municipal waste management agencies because they have better infrastructure and well-trained workers to handle such types of waste.  Medical waste management agencies collect the waste and dispose of through incineration process, the incineration is a waste treatment process that involves the combustion of organic substances of waste materials.

So be safe, follow the instruction given by the Government time to time, if you are home quarantine or in isolation then tries to reduce the waste, don’t use disposable things. Handover the waste to Government-authorized agency in a double-layered sealed and sanitized bag.  Don’t dispose of the waste in an open area or any other place. In case of non-availability of the waste collection agency, it would be better to contact the local administration and inform about the situation. This small effort will prove as a milestone to break the chain of Covid-19.


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