covid-19 water pollution

Coronavirus Covid-19 and Water Pollution

Coronavirus Covid-19 and Water Pollution

Coronavirus infection is on extreme, the situation is worst in Italy, France, Spain & the United States of America. No, any country is untouched, It has created a rampage everywhere. The pandemic is emerged with bundles of environmental issues, as a rise in water consumption and excess generation of medical waste. The excessive use of water has increased wastewater. This article on Coronavirus Covid-19 and Water Pollution is just for awareness to reduce the consumption of water.

Does Coronavirus Covid-19 increase water consumption?

Due to awareness, peoples are washing their hands several times a day. The frequency of laundry has also been increased to get rid of the infection.  Houses, streets, shopping complex’s & hospitals are being sanitized on regular intervals.  These activities have increased the water consumption which leads to an increase in wastewater generation. The  World Health Organization has suggested that “wash hand with soap at least 20 sec.”  If a person use tap running water for washing his hand up to 20-30 sec then generally he would utilize 4-5 litres of water.

A person needs to 4-5 litters of water for a one time hand wash with running water. If the tap is not on during lathering of soap & scrubbing then it would be around 2 litres/person/hand wash. In general, a person uses 5 times for hand wash in a day but in the current scenario, the number has been increased up to double. Now the water consumption for only hand wash is around 20 to 40 litres/person/day. A family of 6 people would require 200 litres of water per day only hand for the wash. The other requirements like kitchen use, laundry, vehicle cleaning & washing would be extra.

Coronavirus Covid-19 increased water Pollution?

Around 80% of the total water gets wasted, it means good enough quantity of wastewater which will increase the water pollution. In cities, the wastewater goes to the Sewage Treatment Plant for treatment before its disposal. The sewage treatment plants have a designed capacity and if the hydraulic load will increase then the quality of the treated wastewater will decrease. The disposal of semi treated or untreated wastewater in rivers, canals and other water bodies will deteriorate the quality of the said stream.

In small towns where the treatment facilities are not available and the wastewater directly goes to water bodies will pollute more than the previous due to increased quantity of wastewater.

The chemicals which are being used for sanitation will have a great impact on the treatment process, because these may destroy the microorganisms responsible for the treatment.

On the basis of above facts we can say that the coronavirus covid-19 pandemic will increase the water pollution as the consumption of water increased and the wastewater treatment facilities are limited. The untreated or partially treated effluent will increase water pollution and reduce the quality of the water bodies.

Prevention & Control of Water Pollution

  •  Reduce the count of hand wash, if you are healthy and at home.
  • Stop the tap during lathering of soap and scrubbing.
  •  Open the tap in half, it will save the water and your hand will also clean
  • Use to spray disinfecting agent on the floor and wipe the surface,  avoid washing of floors, it has two benefits first saving of water and the second is the floor will be sanitized properly due to increase of contact time of disinfecting agent with the surface.

These small efforts can save a huge quantity of water and reduce water pollution also. Save water and maintain good hygiene, stay healthy and safe.

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