coronavirus and pollution

Covid 19 virus/Coronavirus and pollution

Covid 19 Coronavirus and pollution

Coronavirus or  Covid 19 virus is a major medical concern these days in all over the world, the whole world is facing this deadly coronavirus but meanwhile, a piece of positive news in coming i.e. coronavirus helps to decrease the environmental pollution level. In this article, I will discuss my  view based on some scientific research done by different certified organizations. Let’s have a deep analysis between Covid 19 Coronavirus and pollution.

Is Covid 19 virus/coronavirus is decreasing the Pollution on earth?

I have read a few articles that the water & air pollution load has been reduced, canals, lakes, pond, and river water has less pollution due to Corona/Covid-19. Is it true? yes it is, but as I am thinking, it is for a few days. Water, Air & soil all pollution is going to increase drastically. It’s my thought, lest I don’t want to.

How Covid-19 or Coronavirus is Increasing the Pollution on earth?

Approximately 4.0 lakhs people has been infected & 20.00 thousand died till date globally, the numbers are increasing day by day. The funeral of these dead bodies is the biggest problem for the environment, it doesn’t matter whether these are being buried or cremation, both are harmful to environment one for soil, water and another for air.

The cremation procedure of the corpse emits several harmful air pollutants like particulate matter (PM), sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and few heavy metals. These pollutants could have a harmful effect to our air environment. Apart from this, the quantity of plants will also be reduces by the wood comes from the jungle. On the other side, the burying of a corpse is also have a huge environmental hazard, it pollutes the soil, groundwater & air too. The toxic chemical used in the casket for sealing and preservation of the corpse has a very harmful effect on soil and groundwater. The coronavirus or Covid-19 virus pandemic is taking thousands of lives in Europe every day, if we add the whole world it will be huge. So Corona Covid-19 Virus Increasing the Pollution on earth or will increase the pollution load and it will be more than today pollution index.

No proper cure is available, but doctors are giving their best to the infected patients, they are using a different combination of drugs. The demand for drugs, mask, hand gloves, apron & sanitizing chemicals has increased, these all are being manufactured by using chemicals, organic, inorganic compounds & polymers, etc. The generation of solid waste especially bio-medical waste has also been increased due to the Corona Covid-19 Virus which will Increase the Pollution on earth.  The water consumption is also in extreme position due to sanitization, laundry & manufacturing process.

Hand sanitizer, coronavirus or Covid-19 virus can be sanitized by alcohol-based sanitizers, alcohol is also a chemical that is produced by the distilleries by using different types of raw materials like molasses & grains. The effluent generated during production process of alcohol is very harmful for environment no treatment facilities are available only incineration is the way to treat which leads air pollution.

The Sodium hypo chloride is being used as disinfectants for Novel Coronavirus. The world health organization also recommended to use bleach for the disinfection. The washing of floors, building & laundry wastewater ultimately goes to any water stream before or after treatment. If the concentration hypo mixed water increases it will reduce the efficiency of the Sewage Treatment Plants.  Chlorinated water is also harmful for aquatic life, it has an adverse effect on algal growth, and other aquatic flora & fauna.

How we can reduce pollution which is caused by Coronavirus or Covid-19 virus?

We can reduce the infection & pollution caused by the Coronavirus by following the instruction of the World Health Organization and respective Governments. Only isolation & lockdown is the solution, stop moving here and there, think about your self and family.  if you are healthy then no need to use sanitizer, hand gloves & face mask, be at home, clean your house, maintain personal hygiene, eat healthily & drink plenty of water/liquid.

Finally I end that Corona Covid-19 is a deadly virus and nobody knows how long it will persist.  The most important thing, now it would not be wise to conclude that Coronavirus has reduced pollution. First of all we have to think how to get rid from this deadly virus. But in future we would think about our mother nature, we don’t have any right to play with the nature’s rules. Today the whole world is suffering, no any hideout is left, it has happened due to ours misdeed.


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