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Relationship between Coronavirus and Air Pollution

Relationship between Coronavirus and Air Pollution

The Coronavirus pandemic had started from Wuhan, China and now took over whole world. The European countries and United States of America are in the worst state. The number of sick persons is increasing day by day. Near about 100000 has given up his life. No one knows, about the end. The development of vaccine is under progress, some countries have started the human trials. Hopefully the vaccines will come within few months, till then the Social distancing is one an only solution.

Coronavirus and Air Pollution Status

Such news is coming from print & electronic media that the pollution level is drastically reduced. The parameters like PM2.5, PM10, NO2,NH3, SO2 & CO has been reduced, and air quality index is in good state. The air is clean in the maximum cities of the world, we are able to see the actual colour of sky & at night the shimmer of stars also.

The visibility has also improved, we can see up to 2-3 kms far objects clearly. One other exciting thing which came to know that the Himalaya mountain series can be visible from Jalandhar city of Punjab through bare eyes. The residents of Jalandhar are very excited, it never happened before.

The Central Pollution Control Board & State Pollution Control Boards have installed the Ambient air quality monitoring stations at maximum places in India. The data’s generated by these are showing drastic reduction in air pollution level.  CPCB publish AQI bulletin daily on the basis of it. The current data of air quality index is satisfactory & good in most places of India.

Our fight with coronavirus is going on but we have conquered the air pollution, the level has reduced and the air is clean in the maximum cities of India. It’s not happened only in India but other countries are also feeling the same.

What is the reason behind ???

India is under lockdown, malls, shopping complexes, markets, offices and industries are closed, public transport suspended and all construction activities halted. Govt. instructed for social distancing, citizens are staying home to fight coronavirus.

The automobiles are ideal, only emergency vehicles are on the road. The fuel stations are vacant and all air pollution sources point source and non point sources has either closed or reduced. If sources are limited then reduction in the air pollution level is natural. The lockdown makes one thing clear that the polluters are staying at their home and the nature is happy.

Obviously this is not a best way to control pollution, such pollution control doesn’t any mean because it is without our active participation and after lockdown, it will increase drastically. We should think about and do something to control the pollution.   It’s our duty to know about air pollution and its mitigation measures so that the air quality could be maintained in future after lock down.

Automobile Air Pollution

The automobiles are the major contributor in air pollution. The combustion of petrol & diesel generates enormous  pollutants like CO2, SOx, NOx, Hydrocarbons, Ozone, aldehydes, lead compound, particulate compounds and shoot.  These pollutants enter in the air environment and disturb the quality of air and cause an adverse effect.

Industrial Air Pollution

Industries are also big contributors in air pollution, Industries are using variety of fossil fuels for the generation of  energy and stream. The combustion of fossil fuel emits pollutants like SOx, Nox, Co2, Co & particulate matter. These pollutants have the same effect as automobile exhaust.  The pollution Control Authorities have issued so many guidelines to industries to upgrade of existing pollution control equipment.

In previous years, the CPCB has directed to industries to install continuous online emission quality monitoring systems for continual monitoring of emission quality. The emission standards are also implemented by the monitoring agencies and the strengthening of these standards are being done time to time.

The ash generated from industrial boiler is also hazardous in nature,  unsafe disposal can cause serious environment problem, especially take part in air pollution.

Construction Site Air Pollution

The fugitive dust emission is one of the serious issues of construction sites. The stone crushing, batching, digging, dumping of excavated material and vehicular movement is the major source of air pollution from construction site. Use of electric generators is contributing the huge quality of exhaust in atmospheres.

Measures for Air Pollution Control

The small steps can reduce the air pollution

  • Use of Public transport instead of using own vehicle to go office & market
  •  Use bicycle for shorter distance, it will help to reduce pollution and improve health
  • Avoid excess electricity consumption, replace the old bulb with LEDs
  • Timely service and maintain vehicles will reduce the fuel consumption and subsequently reduce the pollution.
  • Replacement of Thermal Power with Green Energy Power
  • Use of clean fuel & green fuel

For industries:

  • Industries should install modern pollution treatment technology instead of the conventional system.
  • Use of Biofuel
  • Scientific disposal and utilization of ash
  • Proper monitoring and maintenance of pollution control equipments
  • Installation o dust suppresion and extration system

Construction Sites

  • Use of water sprinkling to mitigate the dust emission during movement of vehicles.
  • Use of screen to cover the construction site.
  • Use of fine mesh or screen to cover the dust source.
  • The shifting of materials should be through covered truck.
  • Safe loading and unloading practice.
  • Installation o dust suppression and extraction system
  • All construction material should be covered

Our first priority is to beat the coronavirus, but when the things will normal, it’s our duty to think about the environment and some efforts to control the air pollution.  It would be highly beneficial to use the electrical vehicles and green energy sources.

The conclusion is that the reduction in air pollution level is due to the coronavirus outbreak and It is not permanent. Hopefully within a short time we will defeat it, but it’s our duty to protect air quality and provide a safe ,clean and healthy environment to forthcoming generation.

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