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Safeguard Environment for Pollution Control

The environment pollution is one of the biggest challenge and pollution control is most important, our future depends on it. We have not found any other planet like ours, the study and search is under progress, space agencies spending huge amount, but success is still awaited.

In future, it may be possible to have a planet somewhere in the universe, but will we able to shift the entire population to over there? it’s impossible, but  we will need a new planet because ours will not be suitable for the creatures due to environment pollution.

Our blue planet is full of natural resources, having everything which is essential for human, animals, plants & other microorganisms, then why we are thinking about some other places? We have destroyed some of the elements of our environment due to development activities, which may reclaim by sustainable development. Fossil fuels like petroleum & coal are the major sources of air pollution; we can replace these by green energy source like solar & wind energy. Biomass has also good calorific value; we can use it as fuel in industries after formation of briquettes. Replacement the gasoline & use of the electrical vehicle will greatly cut the air pollution. Urbanization and industrialization are the major sources of environment pollution which can be reduced through installation of treatment & recovery systems. Safeguard environment is an initiation for the conservation of environment and pollution control.

Environment Pollution

It is very essential to know about environment, before start the environmental pollution. What is environment? The environment means the surroundings, the whole physical & biological system in which human & other living organisms live & survive.

Water Pollution

The water pollution can be defined as the presence of foreign substances or impurities (organic, inorganic, biological & radioactive) in such concentration which lower the quality of water and make it unfit to use.

Air Pollution

The urbanization and industrialization are the main sources of air pollution and population explosion is responsible for urban growth, growth of industries & automobile revolution. Lots of toxic gases and particles got dissolved in environment especially in air.


“Conserve Environment for future”

The Safeguard Environment has a single motive to deliver information about environment pollution & pollution control. The natural resources are limited and it will end in future due to over exploitation. We have to conserve our natural resources by all means for our coming generations.  Implementation of 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) is a only way by which we can do it.

The discussion will be held on natural resource management, pollution control, types of pollution, rain water harvesting, wastewater treatment, uses of treated effluent, solid waste management, hazardous waste management, waste to energy & green energy.

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